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    Contacting a Mobile Notary at Los Angeles Notary Now is made easier with a variety of contact options. You can call, text, chat, or email. Please take into consideration some methods may not be available 24/7, and calling is best if it is unusual hours.
    If you require urgent/immediate assistance please call us at (323) 905-2669 in lieu of using text, chat or email, so that we may promptly assist you.

  • Call or text: (323) 905-2669 or (323) 905-2NOW
  • Chat: Link Below
  • Email: or contact form.

Hours of Operation:

24/7/365 days by appointment.

Please allow up to an hour for response to email during normal business hours. We will check our email whenever we are not in the middle of a signing with a customer. Thank you.

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