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Mobile Notary Services Los Angeles: How They Work

Mobile Notary Services Los Angeles: How They Work

How Mobile Notary services work

We often get calls from clients and prospective clients asking how mobile Notary Public services work in Los Angeles County.

The process is quite simple. A person finds that they need a document or documents notarized. They Google and find us at the top of the list and call to inquire about our services and pricing. Where can we meet you? How much does it cost? What do we need to have with us?

When you call and inform us of the information surrounding your notarization, such as how many signatures and documents, we will inform you of the estimated price based on the information you provided. You inform us of where you’d like to sign. This can be wherever is convenient for you. Such as your work, office, home, coffee shop, beach, etc. We are here to make it as convenient for you as possible, so wherever you are when you call us, we can likely travel to there and notarize.

Mobile services are very convenient. It is very efficient, isn’t limited by the availability of a notary being present at an office, bank, or having to wait in line with other customers. It can be done while you are at work, or before or after normal business hours.

Contact Los Angeles Notary Now the next time you have any questions regarding Notary Public services, or mobile service questions. We would be glad to arrange an appointment for you if you choose mobile service, or can point you in the right direction to find a Notary Public office if you’d like that as well.