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Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles

mobile notary services in los angeles

Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles County by appointment, 24/7.

LA Mobile Notary Now provides the ultimate in convenience and expediency by providing mobile Notary services throughout the county. We can come to you! Businesses, homes, apartments, hospitals, jails, coffee shops, and literally anywhere you need us (even at the beach).
Simply tell us where you need a notarization completed when requesting our service and we will be sure to accommodate your needs.
Our services are designed to accommodate your busy schedules, and your unique needs. Let us know how we can assist and we will be sure to, or point you in the right direction if it is something we are unable to handle.
Our mobile notaries will arrive on-time, well-prepared, and complete the notarization quickly, professionally, and accurately. We guarantee our services will exceed your expectations and uphold our excellent reputation.

Special requests are always accommodated if we are able to, if we are unable to we will assist in facilitating finding someone who is able to. Our clients are our livelihood and we do all we can to make your entire transaction, not just signing and stamping, as pleasant and easy for you as possible.

Questions regarding our mobile notary services we offer in Los Angeles county? Can your document be notarized in California? Contact us, browse our FAQ’s page, our Notary Public Blog, and call us with any other questions and clarification we can provide for you.
If you have questions that require legal advice, we will advise you to contact a lawyer in the appropriate field to assist you before proceeding with the notarization.

Still have questions about our mobile Notary services we offer in Los Angeles County? Have questions about whether a document can be notarized in California? Please contact us, browse our FAQ and Notary Public blog, and we would be glad to assist you with your inquiries. If we are unable to answer your questions, because they require legal advice, we will advise you to contact a lawyer before proceeding with notarization.

Mobile Notary Services Documents

We notarize:

  • Power of attorney
  • Loan documents
  • Trust documents
  • Estate planning documentation
  • Court and litigation documents
  • Prenuptial agreements/marital settlement
  • Deeds
  • Any documents that meet the notarization requirements

We do NOT notarize:

  • I-9 or immigration documents
  • Photographs
  • Blank pages or incomplete documents
  • Documents that do not have a spot for signature
  • Documents for which the client cannot indicate what type of notarization they want, and it is not clear from the documents content.