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Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles

mobile notary services in los angeles

Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles County by appointment, 24/7.

Los Angeles Mobile Notary Now accommodates clients requests for mobile service at the location most convenient for them, such as a business, hospital, jail, coffee shop, park, jail, you set the location and we travel to assist in notarizing your documents. Our job is to ensure that notarization is convenient for you, and meets your needs and schedule. We ensure your mobile Notary Public will arrive well-prepared, on-time and complete your notarization with the utmost professionalism and expedience. Guaranteeing accuracy, quality, and friendly notarization experiences for all our clients.

If you require any special services or requests, or any extraordinary circumstances surrounding your notarization, feel confident that Los Angeles Mobile Notary Now will do their absolute best to accommodate all of your needs and requests to get the notarization done in a smooth, quick, and professional manner.

If you have any questions regarding our mobile notary services in Los Angeles county, or for information on what can and cannot be notarized, please contact us and one of our notaries will be glad to address your inquiry or refer you to obtain legal advice if you have questions that require legal advice.

Mobile Notary Services Documents

We notarize:

  • Power of attorney
  • Loan documents
  • Trust documents
  • Estate planning documentation
  • Court and litigation documents
  • Prenuptial agreements/marital settlement
  • Deeds
  • Any documents that meet the notarization requirements

We do NOT notarize:

  • I-9 or immigration documents
  • Photographs
  • Blank pages or incomplete documents
  • Documents that do not have a spot for signature
  • Documents for which the client cannot indicate what type of notarization they want, and it is not clear from the documents content.