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    • Contacting a Mobile Notary is made easy at LA Notary Now. We have a variety of options to contact us, including calling, texting, live chatting, or emailing. Take into consideration some methods are not available 24/7, and calling is the most appropriate method to contact us during unusual hours, or if the appointment is needed promptly.

Urgent immediate assistance please call Los Angeles Notary Now at (323) 905 – 2669. If you do not require immediate assistance please utilize any of the following methods so we may assist you:

Hours of Operation:

24/7/365 days BY APPOINTMENT. Be sure to contact Notary Now within normal business hours to pre-arrange abnormal hours for appointments.

Please allow up to an hour for response to email during normal business hours. We will check our email whenever we are not in the middle of a signing with a customer. Thank you.

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