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Los Angeles Document Preparation: Notaries Cannot

Los Angeles Document Preparation: Notaries Cannot

Los Angeles Document Preparation: Leave it to the lawyers, not the Notaries.

We at Los Angeles Notary Now are often asked if we can assist with the preparation of legal documents or letters that clients need to have notarized. “Can you help me create a document for ____ purpose and then notarize it?” “Can you create a power of attorney for me?” “Can you draft a letter and print it for me?” ” What kind of document do I need?” “What do I need to put to make it legal?”. While we can advise you what requirements we have for notarization, we cannot advise you on what kind of documents you need.

Our advice to you will be as follows: 1. Consult the person you are sending the document to or whoever is requiring you to create and notarize a document. 2. Consult a lawyer or legal professional. 3. Do the research yourself online or through legal information resources.

We can tell you that documents needing to be notarized have 5 basic requirements:
1. There is a spot indicating a signature is required.
2. Your name or position is listed within the documents.
3. It is dated with the correct date, or you are required to fill in the date.
4. It must-have content and subtext to it. It cannot simply be a blank sheet of paper that you are signing, or a photograph.
5. It must appear to be complete and not missing information that can be edited or changed later.

We are not lawyers, we are notaries. We verify your signature and that we identified you are the time it was signed/notarized. We do not practice law or create documents. Consult a lawyer. When you are ready to have the document notarized you can contact us and we would be glad to assist you.