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Notary Fees. What are Los Angeles Notary Public fees?

Notary Fees. What are Los Angeles Notary Public fees?

Notary Fees in Los Angeles

Clients first and foremost questions when contact us at Los Angeles Mobile Notary Now is how much are Notary Public fees? Can a Notary charge whatever they want for Notary fees? There are many factors in determining the fees that you will be charges for Mobile Notary Services. However, the state does mandate that a maximum of $15 per signature be charged. But Notaries are allowed to charge other fees for their services such as for printing, traveling, time, etc.

Most notaries determine their fee by distance travelled setting a “travel fee” + the state mandated fee of $10 per signature. + any extra fees for wait time, or anything out of the ordinary.

If a signing occurs at a hospital or like place, most notaries charge extra for hospitals, as well as for parking. So a sample fee structure would consist of $xx for travel + $xx for early/late signing or weekend signing + $xx amount for the signing occurring in the hospital= $xxx + $15 per signature being notarized.

We calculate our fees very different than many companies choose to. We charge based on distance and other factors, but we include UP TO four (4) signatures in the fee. To where often it is like just paying the travel fee and the notarizations are included. Making us often cheaper than competition depending on the other factors. But other factors the same, if you quote multiple companies we often come up more affordable. We do charge for extra or extraordinary services if you require or request them.

It is illegal for a Notary Public to charge Notary fees of more than $15 per signature. Each person that signs one document counts as one signature. So two people signing two documents would be 2 x 2 = 4 signatures. However, notaries are allowed to charge any travel fee and extra fees that they desire as long as the client agrees to those fees ahead of time. And that it is disclosed that the fees are above the $10 per signature and are not for signatures, but are for extra services and travel.

If you have any questions regarding California maximum notary fees, or our notary fees, please contact us. We are Los Angeles Mobile Notary Now