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How to Find a Mobile Notary Public in Los Angeles

How to Find a Mobile Notary Public in Los Angeles

How to find a Mobile Notary Public

Locating and hiring a mobile Notary Public in Los Angeles can be a difficult task, but we try our best to make it simple. If you know nothing about Notary Publics, it can be very confusing to try to find the right one, inform that notary of the circumstances of your particular documents, and obtain and compare pricing. Most people do not realize it is an option to have a notary public come to you instead of having to go to a bank or a UPS store.

There are many notaries, all offering different types, services areas, and very different pricing models. Some notaries don’t ask you questions to help you understand what your total cost will be, they sometimes just tell you travel + 10 per signature. But if you don’t understand what counts as a signature, and how many you need notarized, it can be quite a surprise when you receive the bill at the time of appointment.

When a client asks us about pricing and how notary services work, I always ensure to advise them of the pricing, explain the pricing so they understand, and try to determine what their actual cost will be by asking questions about the number of signers and how many documents. We also advise clients to shop around and inform them of how many signatures they need notarized so they can accurately inform other notaries when they are receiving a quote. Sometimes clients are far from our location, so it costs more. We inform them of the cost being higher due to further travel and advise them to check a notary closer to their area if they desire.

A good way to shop for a Los Angeles mobile Notary Public service is to use Google, Yelp, and try to see where the notary is based from, and if they are closer to your area they likely will be cheaper than someone who is 20+ miles from your house. Our mobile notary fees in Los Angeles are pretty simple and based on a range of miles from where we are dispatching from, and includes the travel and UP TO four (4) signatures being notarized. So for people who need four signatures notarized, it sometimes almost eliminates the travel fee.

We understand clients want a knowledgeable and professional Los Angeles mobile Notary Public service. We are happy to assist in finding the best solution for our clients based on pricing, locations, and amount of signatures. If we are too far, we are glad to refer you to another notary that we know that offers high-quality notary services closer to your area. We are all about providing the best experience for our clients whether you sign with us or a local UPS store.