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Notarizing for the elderly and disabled, utilizing a mobile Notary Public

Notarizing for the elderly and disabled, utilizing a mobile Notary Public

Notarizing for the elderly in Los Angeles. 

When it comes to notarizing documents, sometimes using a Los Angeles mobile Notary Public is best. Using a mobile Notary Public is often a very simple process, which is quick and efficient so that it only takes ten to fifteen minutes. But, when it comes to choosing and preparing for a mobile Notary Public signing for an elderly or disabled person it can become a little more complex. Some of the concerns the client may have are regarding the safety of having a mobile Notary Public come to the house of their parent, family member, or client. Or sometimes the signer does not have a valid identification anymore, or aren’t able to sign their signature, or are currently being medically treated.

One of the main concerns we encounter is regarding sending a stranger to an elderly person’s home. We advise that all people hiring mobile notaries request information about the name and contact number of the specific notary that will be visiting the house. We’ve had clients call and request a notary public because the previously scheduled company refused to provide information about the name or phone number of the specific notary public they were dispatched to the house and they didn’t feel comfortable. It is acceptable to cancel at any time or refuse access to the notary if you or the signer feel uncomfortable. Notaries should act in a professional manner and offer information about their identity. While all notaries have background checks, it is still important to request information if you feel the need to.

Another concern is whether the elderly person is able, lucid, and capable of signing their name. Los Angeles Mobile Notary Publics do require that the person singing be able to acknowledge what they are signing, understand the document, and not appear to be coerced or unwilling to sign the document. They must be able to fully and clearly communicate with the Notary Public. They must be able to sign their name on their own. If they are unable to sign a full signature they must be able to make a mark and that would be called signature by mark and require two witnesses.

Expired identification is an issue as well with elderly or disabled people who have not been driving or traveling for quite a long time. If there is no valid government-issued id, then in some circumstances two credible witnesses can be used to prove the signer’s identity. The credible witnesses must both have identification, personally know the signer, and meet other requirements which a Notary Public can explain to you.

At Los Angeles Mobile Notary Now we are experts at knowing what questions to ask at the setting of the appointment to ensure that everything that is required for notarization is present, and ensure that every party to the transaction is comfortable with using the Notary Public and is fully educated about how the process works.